Companion Memorials is a new company based in Ireland which is responding to the needs of families looking for memorial solutions for their faithful companions. We recognise that a “pet” is very often more than just a “pet” but rather a faithful companion with whom we have shared special moments. This applies to all types of animal, large or small. For many families the loss of a companion pains as deeply as the loss of a family member. Having a place to visit often helps the grieving process and helps keep the memories alive. Companion Memorials recognised that for many families having a memorial that can move with them would allow the family keep their companions close at all times. We also recognised that for many families they wanted the flexibility of extending the memorial should the need arise to allow keeping all of their family companions together.

The companions used on our website – Coco the dark and Gryphon the white, are my faithful companions now for many years. They were rescue animals from the local animal rescue centre.

Many Thanks,
The Companions Team.